The Cannabis Sustainability Movement Is Fueled By Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Despite relying on the environment to thrive and grow, the cannabis industry has not been particularly environmentally friendly as it has industrialised. Unsustainable growing practises, single-use plastic packaging, and emissions from shipping products are just a few of the ways the cannabis industry continues to pollute the environment and contribute to climate change.Fortunately, some brands and organisations are working to fuel the cannabis sustainability movement, which is an effort by environmentalists, cannabis growers, and the broader community to truly green the cannabis industry.

The Movement for Sustainability

Two factors have contributed to the current cannabis sustainability movement. The sustainability movement is driven by cannabis growers who want to support the planet that supports their business and consumers who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

For years, cannabis buyers all over the world have been clamouring for better environmental practises from their favourite brands and growers. Cannabis buyers are becoming more interested in environmental action and sustainable initiatives as climate change has gained awareness and visibility in the media. Some companies have taken steps to reduce packaging waste, which is a major consumer concern. However, the majority of these efforts have resulted in price increases, leaving consumers dissatisfied.

Cannabis growers who previously used similar practises as factory farmers have begun to shift in greater numbers to regenerative farming. Finally, they benefit the environment and lower the cost of growing by eliminating the need for harsh pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Now, an increasing number of cannabis companies are collaborating to improve production methods, support sustainable initiatives, and teach future growers how to cultivate cannabis mindfully.

Methods for Cannabis Sustainability

While small changes do make a difference, it will take more than a few growers to make a significant difference in greening the industry. Increased demand for sustainable products is likely to encourage those growers who are still hesitant as consumers become more aware of how their weed is grown and processed. Some of the most important ways cannabis producers are combating climate change are as follows:

Farming that is regenerative

Regenerative farming is a type of farming that produces healthy crops for the present while also preparing and protecting the environment for future generations. Plants are naturally regenerative, growing from the soil each season, dying back, and returning the nutrients that were used to grow the soil. Microfauna, mould, and fungi aid in the breakdown of plant waste, resulting in healthy, nutrient-rich soil in which to grow crops the following season.

Modern farming techniques, rather than working with the planet’s natural ability to regenerate life, rely on harsh chemical pesticides and fertilisers to artificially restore nutrient balance and ward off disease. Unfortunately, these chemical products only serve to deplete the planet’s natural ability to support life, eventually rendering the soil unusable for future generations. Because of the potential negative environmental effects of indoor weed, many consumers are turning to outdoor or sungrown weed.

Cannabis growers interested in regenerative farming can learn more, find supportive communities of sustainable growers, and become Sun+Earth certified. Cannabis companies that have earned the Sun+Earth certification grow their cannabis under the sun without the use of harsh chemicals and work hard to pay their employees a living wage.

Packaging and shipping materials that have been recycled

Legal cannabis products must be packaged in accordance with strict safety and cleanliness standards. As a result, many cannabis products must be packaged in multiple layers of plastic, paper, and glass, adding to landfill waste.

Despite the fact that cannabis businesses must adhere to strict packaging guidelines, it is still possible for them to go plastic-free. Companies should instead use recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials – such as cardboard made from mushrooms – to improve their sustainability practises!

Some businesses are switching to metal packaging instead of plastic or heavy glass, with the goal of making the stainless steel packaging 100 percent recyclable. Furthermore, products packaged in glass or plastic jars do not last as long, and expired product is frequently wasted and discarded if it is not sold in a timely manner.

Supply chain management is a little-known factor in determining a company’s sustainability. Factors such as shipment weight, fuel prices, and material costs quickly add up. According to N2, a packaging company, “a pound of product put in our cans weighs about 9 pounds total.” A pound of product placed in a competitor’s glass jar weighs approximately 32 pounds total. As a result, for shipping purposes, this saves a significant amount of weight, space, and fuel.”

Improved Sourcing

Cannabis brands that do not grow their own cannabis can become more sustainable by sourcing their ingredients from growers who practise regenerative farming. Growers making a difference can expand their business, educate other growers, and continue to innovate for the environment with more customers (like your brand).

Shop at your local store.

It is critical to redouble efforts to support community resilience during times of uncertainty. When the community thrives, everyone thrives, and the cannabis industry is no exception. As a consumer, one of the best ways to support the sustainable cannabis movement is to support local businesses. Furthermore, purchasing products from local businesses ensures that your investment goes directly back into making your home a better, greener, cleaner place.

Companies Dedicated to Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry

With so many cannabis brands to choose from, it’s best to buy from cannabis companies that are more than just cannabis flower and a brand label. Why pay a premium for cannabis just for the product’s branding? There is so much more to running a successful business than following a roadmap to uphold a company’s mission and ethos.


Buying weed and cannabis products from holistic, sustainability-focused brands is an easy way for consumers to invest in the sustainability movement. Among the exciting cannabis brands whose products are produced in a sustainable manner are:


Flow Kana’s flower is grown by multi-generational farmers in California who rely on the power of the sun and Mother Earth to produce high-quality cannabis.

Mana Botanics is a Hawaii-based company that produces premium CBD products made from sun-grown whole-hemp extract.

N2 Packaging is a cannabis packaging supply company based in Idaho that uses metal packaging for recyclable and sustainable options, as well as nitrogen-sealed cans to keep products fresh.

Source Cannabis employs a novel indoor growing method that requires little energy and relies on carefully calculated conditions to create the ideal environment for weed growth.

Ocean Cannabis Co. packages its products with recycled and reclaimed ocean plastic, and each purchase helps recover about one water bottle’s worth of plastic.

Last Thoughts

Climate change can appear to be an insurmountable barrier at times, a looming figure of doom reminding us all that our resources and comfort are finite. While it is critical to take climate change seriously, it would be incorrect to believe that it is too late to make positive changes. The cannabis industry is a great example of how communities can band together to push for change by supporting, educating, and uplifting one another one small step at a time.


Buying Legal Marijuana in Oklahoma: A Step-by-Step Guide

Because Oklahoma is a medical-only state, the Oklahoma marijuana industry has been operating under the radar for some time. Despite not having legalised recreational use, Oklahoma has become one of the country’s cannabis hotspots, with one in every 13 Oklahomans over the age of 18 holding a medical marijuana card and more than 1,500 licenced dispensaries.

Oklahoma residents who are willing to complete a few simple steps to complete their medical cannabis applications can benefit from a thriving industry. Essentially, medical marijuana patients can benefit from the diverse offerings of Oklahoma dispensaries. Purchasing legal marijuana in Oklahoma is simple as long as you follow the rules – here’s how:

Is Marijuana Legal in Oklahoma?
Oklahoma legalised medical cannabis in 2018, and dispensaries began to receive licences and approval to sell to qualified patients. Adults over the age of 18 can easily obtain a medical marijuana card. In some cases, all that is required is the completion of a few forms and a virtual meeting with a physician. Applicants seeking a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma must be able to provide the following information, according to state regulations:

An application form that has been completed (including name, address, birth date, phone number, and signature)
Evidence of Oklahoma residency
A letter of recommendation from a licenced Oklahoma physician
Payment of the application fee
Applicants who are approved are issued a medical marijuana card that is valid for two years before it must be renewed. Cannabis users with a medical card are legally allowed to buy, consume, and possess cannabis and cannabis products. Possession limits vary depending on the product type, but in general, medical marijuana patients are permitted to possess up to:

(1) ounce of concentrate on their person (3) ounces of marijuana on their person
They have 72 ounces of edible marijuana products on them.
They had eight ounces of marijuana in their private residence.
Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Cannabis in Oklahoma
While the medical cannabis industry is well established in Oklahoma, the plant has yet to be legalised for recreational use. As a result, dispensaries in Oklahoma are unable to sell to non-medical cardholders.

Similarly, medical marijuana patients are not permitted to purchase or give cannabis to non-medical patients. If they are caught providing cannabis to a recreational user, they may face a $500 fine and the loss of their licence.

Despite the strict prohibition against selling to non-medical patients, receiving approval for an application is relatively simple for Oklahoma residents over the age of 18. As a result, almost anyone who wants to enjoy the Oklahoma marijuana industry can easily obtain a medical card.

Medical marijuana users in Oklahoma can consume cannabis freely in their private residence or on their property, subject to the same rules that apply to tobacco users. They must, however, adhere to restrictions for indoor and public use. Oklahomans should have their medical marijuana card on them if they are smoking in a designated public area. This serves as identification for authorities.

Top Marijuana Products Are Now Available in OKC
Medical marijuana users in Oklahoma have a plethora of options for marijuana products thanks to the hundreds of licenced dispensaries throughout the state. Unlike other states, Oklahoma does not restrict the availability of cannabis products.

Here is a quick rundown of the top recommended products available in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma Vapes

Bloom Brands is a Los Angeles-based company that has expanded their classic vape line into other states, including Oklahoma. Bloom has really cemented their position as the experts in strains and crafting vape products with strain flavours and terpenes in mind over the last few years.

Fan favourites such as Maui Wowie, Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, and Skywalker OG can be found on their classic cartridges. Using Bloom’s convenient store locator tool, you can find these strains at a dispensary near you.

The Bloom team is a pioneer in vape technology, and they have been introducing live resin products into the market at a rapid pace. Keep an eye out for their Bloom Live products, which include live resin carts, disposables, and budder, in OKC dispensaries.

Oklahoma THC Gummies

With their high-dose line of cannabis-infused gummies, Kosmik Brands is ready to help Oklahomans blast off into space. Kosmik, which landed from space in 2019, enlightens and elevates the traditional cannabis gummy experience by committing to the taste, texture, potency, and quality of the products they release.

OKC has a variety of gummy flavours to choose from, including:

Blasters (100mg – 250mg): Extremely juicy and coated in the finest superfine sugar. Crafted with our cutting-edge curing process, each piece has a consistent taste and texture.

Supernova (500mg): From Kosmik Brands comes the SUPERNOVA infused edible gummy line, created in an undisclosed facility deep in the reaches of outer space. Each gummy contains a whopping 50mg of THC! If you can, guess the flavour!

WARNING! BLACK HOLE (1000mg): DO NOT EAT IF YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL CANNABIS CONSUMER! Prepare to enter a world beyond your wildest dreams. The Black Hole gummies have shattered open a hole in the space-time continuum, releasing them in four CLASSIFIED mind-melting flavours, each gummy containing a whopping 100mg of THC! Trust me when I say that the Black Hole experience is truly out of this world…

On their Leaflink page, you can find all available Kosmik gummies in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma THC Chocolates

Punch Edibles is committed to producing delicious, safe, healthy, and super-potent products that can be found in stores near Oklahoma City. Punch sells a variety of cannabis chocolates in a variety of flavours, including their high-potency Original Punch Bars. If you’re looking for an after-dinner sweet treat that will have you snoozing all night, you’ve come to the right place.

Oklahoma’s Dispensary Scene
Oklahoma has the most dispensaries in the country, with over 500 licenced cannabis retailers in the Oklahoma City metro area alone. Tulsa, Norman, Muskogee, Moore, and Lawton each have an impressive number of high-end dispensaries, with smaller cities and townships typically licencing at least one or two.

No matter where you live in Oklahoma, you’re bound to come across a licenced cannabis retailer. Individuals can find dispensaries even in remote areas where local leadership may have been initially hostile to the incoming marijuana industry.

Oklahoma’s Delivery Service Environment
House Bill 3228, the most recent change to Oklahoma marijuana legislation, was enacted in early 2020. HB 3228 makes it legal for licenced dispensaries to offer delivery within a 10-mile radius of their locations. As a result, patients can remain at home and have their medical cannabis delivered right to their door.

Is there no dispensary within 10 miles of your Oklahoma home? For the time being, medical marijuana cardholders may be eligible for delivery from any dispensary in their county if there are none within 10 miles. While independent delivery services are not yet available in Oklahoma, this change has increased access to cannabis for people who have limited mobility or access to transportation.

Marijuana Prices in Oklahoma
Oklahoma’s marijuana industry grew overnight from virtually nonexistent to one of the largest in the country, thanks to widespread public support. With hundreds of licenced dispensaries open across the state, retailer competition is fierce, resulting in Oklahoma cannabis being among the least expensive in the country.

Today, there is an overabundance of cannabis available in Oklahoma, forcing dispensary owners to slash prices in order to stand out from the crowd. As a result, consumers benefit from low prices on everything, with grammes of flower costing as little as $5 and ounces costing less than $250. When compared to states such as Illinois, Oklahoma’s cannabis is extremely affordable.

Last Thoughts
Despite the fact that recreational cannabis use is not yet legal in Oklahoma, the state’s cannabis market is thriving. Medical marijuana patients are currently enjoying some of the best prices on premium cannabis products in the country. Oklahomans can easily qualify for a medical marijuana card and begin purchasing from one of the hundreds of licenced dispensaries thanks to relatively lenient requirements for applicants. If you are interested in marijuana and business, you should keep an eye on Oklahoma, which is on its way to becoming one of the nation’s cannabis hotspots.

Have you already registered with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority? If not, this is your signal to begin your application! Adults over the age of 18 who live in Oklahoma can get their medical card approved in less than two weeks. You’ll be able to enjoy cheap, easy-to-find, high-quality cannabis in no time!

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