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During the same period, revenue attributed to ads also increased by 78% for these sites. "We saw seismic increase in primarily audience-based targeting during the second half of 2020 and a steady development during the first few months of these 12 months," said Jackie Berg, co-founder and CMO of CBD Marketing Hub, a marketing company. of CBD and cannabis. company. This year, cannabis manufacturers also targeted women, with nearly 50% of 4/20 ad campaigns targeting female buyers, Berg said. According to a February report by Akerna, girls of all age teams drove gross cannabis sales in the first quarter of 2020, and the average amount they spent rose 50% in March 2020. The survey did not provide figures precise. Columbia Care, which owns and operates dispensaries in multiple states, tripled its advertising spend compared to the first quarter of 2020, said Jesse Channon, the company's director of progress. "Programmatic viewing has worked very well for us," he said, adding that his return on ad spend is 3 times higher. In addition, it forced brands to try new things to comply with this modified customer behavior. Columbia Care launched a new virtual shopping experience, called Digital Care, in which potential customers can book electronic appointments with so-called customers to "walk" around the store and study more about the merchandise. While customers cannot transact on Digital Care, they will purchase products online or opt for categorical pickup in person. "We defended it only for Covid, however now we hope it will hold," Channon said. The company may be planning to develop its home supply service, currently available in nine states.

Medical marijuana abstract concept vector illustration. medical cannabis, cannabinoids drugs, diseases and conditions treatment, cancer pain relief, hemp market, cultivation abstract metaphor. But adjustments in public life also led to radical changes in customer habits. While April 20 and the Friday before Memorial Day had been the two highest gross sales days for dispensaries per year in the previous five years, none of them managed to exceed the top five in the past year, according to Nina Simosko, Industrial Director of Akerna. a cannabis software company. The biggest sales day last year was New Years Eve 2020 at $ 89.4 million, in response to data from MJ Freeway, a subsidiary of Akerna, a platform that tracks gross cannabis sales across 23 likes. customers in the US also changed. Dispensaries also noted increased curiosity and grocery sales. In September 2020, 54% of cannabis users reported using edibles in the past year, compared to 35% of consumers in 2018, according to a survey of 4,600 US New Frontier Information, an information analytics company specialized in the global cannabis trade. The two blended together to convey a sea change in an already rapidly evolving business.

These variables could constitute a new starting point for companies where cannabis has not long ago become legal for recreational use, along with Virginia and New York. "Seeing these low sales, dispensaries knew they had to change the business model," he said. This year, Akerna predicts that the 5-day period before the holidays (Friday, April 16 to Tuesday, April 20) will usher in projected sales of $ 370 million. Global cannabis sales had exceeded $ 21 billion in 2020, up 48% from 2019, according to Akerna data. After cannabis was labeled as an important service by California in late March 2020, and therefore in a position to keep its doors open amid the pandemic, Jeff Ragovin, chief business officer of Fyllo, a program firm for Cannabis software, say clients, including Apothecanna and Grassroots: Increased their ad spend to let clients know they are still open to the company. After March 15, common weekly site visitors to Fyllo customer sites increased between 35% and 50% for a few months, indicating a large increase in interest in CBD products.

Curaleaf has growing, processing and retail belongings. He is working on creation. Elevating your value-added products. The company's margins remain strong and it has acquired a coast-to-coast presence within the US The truth is, the company outshines its competitors in the US. And it is the largest player south of the US. border. These elements have influenced the company's stellar earnings figures. Curaleaf produced 205% revenue growth year-over-year. This kind of growth load is the envy of the industry. It's an issue that I think traders need to be aware of right now. Curaleaf is one of my best options for a speculative work in the cannabis sector. While I think the sector is vastly overvalued at the moment, there are pockets of growth that make sense. And Curaleaf is kind of one-of-a-kind performances that I think can take off in the long run. Curaleaf has the potential for money movement growth and margin expansion to have the ability to absorb and integrate acquisitions within your business over time. Unlike his friends, he has received measure and scale in the US He is a gem of a cannabis company, when it comes to publicly traded options. I believe that Curaleaf's decision to expand into Europe through its deal with Emmac Life Sciences brings another ingredient of progress to buyers betting on a global winner in the cannabis race. Curaleaf is, hands down, my favorite pick in this industry for many reasons.

That is, if the Biden administration moves forward with recreational cannabis legalization legislation. Certainly, on this catalyst, the jury has yet to deliberate. However, speculators will do what they do best and speculate. Right now, the cannabis industry is red hot. Certainly, traders in developing sectors like cannabis need companies to take advantage of this catalyst right now. Consequently, for merchants looking for both the US, I have a high pick to consider. My main thought in the cannabis space right now is MSO Curaleaf Holdings from the US (TSXV: CURA). Here's why I think investors should consider this action on all the different cannabis stocks right now. Boris Jordan, president of the government of Curaleaf, has stated that he believes that the cannabis legalization procedures will not happen until the second half ofBiden's time period. That said, Curaleaf's positioning within the US I think Curaleaf's vertically integrated business mannequin is a beauty. The company has exposure to its entire value chain.