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CBD+ CarameliceVolume 1, # 1 (June 1994) through Volume 6, Cannabis Issue 2 (December 1999). Advisable. The old magazine is replaced by the Industrial Hemp Magazine. This site explains hemp in the only sentences: what it is, what it can be used for, how to take advantage of it, and how it could probably still help save the world. Designed by skilled artists with excessive finishing and written by business people involved in the hemp trade, the site captures the essence of why hemp is the most needed useful renewable resource on earth and puts it into phrases that anyone can perceive.. We also encourage foreign language translation, adapting to the unique historical past of hemp in different cultures, using the same artwork and idea. We developed the location as part of an awareness campaign: join us in spreading the gospel of hemp. This description was written by the site's authors. Good information. Very nice graphics. Pure Hemphasis is an analytics and consulting company primarily focused on serving the hemp business that is re-emerging in Canada.

U.S. Drug Administration Approves First Cannabis-Based Drug We believe that hemp represents an important opportunity for Canadians to pursue a path of financial improvement that is economically and environmentally sustainable and contributes to a better quality of life for all. Presentation to the Bioresource Hemp symposium in 1995 by Pavlo Holoborod'ko, Bast Culture Institute, Hlukhiv, Ukraine. Very good historical reference. I hesitate to mention this typically as many people have real problems with marijuana and cannot distinguish it from industrial hemp. I think the 2 topics need to be discussed in separate forums, however this could also be a naive view. A very fascinating article by Kai M. Nebel. Good information. However, "Valuable Papers and Internet" has a virus infection. See the traditional USDA movie clip! This is the 13 minute and 15 second version that can be obtained in each streaming and downloadable version. Boston Hemp Co-op Museum and Digital Library. Lots of excellent historical information on hemp. A beneficial resource. A wonderful and useful resource for news. Information on fiber crops. Check out the article mentioned by almost everyone who writes about Industrial Hemp. Do a search for "hemp" with your new one. Reprints of "The Retting of Hemp and Flax" by Paul W. Allen 1926 and "Hemp Culture" by Chas. VS Krotov, Ukrainian Institute of Pulp and Paper Analysis, Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. Pulp by steam explosion, cellulose derivatives and fractionation. Hyperlinked web page with comment. The sorting face is somewhat small.

The marihuette recreation grew to become the model for future forms of Provo. Surprisingly, video games proved to be an effective means of shattering the arrogant self-righteousness of the authorities. The police usually overreacted, making themselves look ridiculous in the process. However, there was a seriousness underlying the tactic. The purpose of the last word was to improve society. By the late 1950s, Grootveld was already generally well known as something of an efficiency artist. His inspiration, he claimed, came from a pilgrimage to Africa, the place where he purchased a mysterious medical kit that was previously owned by a shaman. In one way or another, the package helped Grootveld formulate a critique of Western society, which, he came to see, was dominated by unhealthy addictions. A brief hospital quickly convinced Grootveld that cigarette smoking was the worst. patients, begging and praying for a cigarette was a disgusting sight. "He recalls. Smoking, according to Grootveld, was an irrational cult, a senseless ritual imposed on society by the tobacco industry for the sole real purpose of making a profit.

Finally, in August 1966 a congressional commission was created to analyze the crisis. The committee's findings resulted in the dismissal of the Police Commissioner. In May 1967, the mayor of Amsterdam, Van Corridor, was fired "honorably" after the committee condemned his insurance policies. Interestingly, Provo, which had demanded the mayor's resignation for over a year, was wound up within a week of his firing. The reason for Provo's demise, which was completely unexpected to outsiders, was its growing acceptance by reasonable elements and the growing turmoil within its ranks. As soon as Provo began participating in City Hall elections, a transformation took place. A Provo Politburo emerged, made up of VIP Provos who began to dedicate most of themselves to political careers. Provos toured the country giving lectures and interviews. When the VIP Provos had been out of town to attend a Provo congress, Stolk staged a fake coup by claiming that a new Revolutionary Terrorist Council had taken power.

More fascinated by magic than Marx, Grootveld was an outgoing performance artist with a present for the theatrical gesture. In the early 1960s, he drew huge crowds in Amsterdam with exhibitionist "Happenings". At the core of Grootveld's philosophy was the belief that most had been brainwashed into a herd of addicted shoppers, the "despicable plastic individuals." In response to Grootveld, new rituals have been wanted to awaken these complacent shoppers. While Van Duyn's writings greatly attracted the educated crowd, Grootveld found his following among street punks. The Provo phenomenon was a consequence of alienation. The absurdity of life hello early 60's. It was irresistibly attractive to the Dutch youth. It seemed like he would travel all over the world. However, in just a few years he disappeared, drowned bytheir own successes. Thus began the "Marihuettegame", a disinformation game played by Grootveld and his companions. The idea was to expose the total ignorance of the establishment regarding cannabis.