Greece: Tons of cannabis seized in muffin machine shipment

ATHENS, Greece – Greek authorities say they have seized more than 4 tons of cannabis hidden in a shipment of industrial cupcake machines en route from Lebanon to Slovakia. Greece's financial crime squad said in a press release late Thursday that the drugs have been present in a delivery container within the country's predominant port, Piraeus, following data acquired from the United States. It arrived by sea in Piraeus on April 14 and was scheduled to be transported by rail on April 20 to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, via North Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. Following information from the DEA, Greek authorities raided the container on April 16. A total of more than 4 tons of processed cannabis have been present in a hidden compartment built into a metal tank that was between the machinery, monetary crimes. the squad said. The street value of the drug is estimated at around 33 million euros. The Greek authorities mentioned that they obtained assistance in the case from the Saudi Arabian anti-drug agency. The shipment investigation is ongoing.

Marijuana is marijuana, prefixing it with medicinal wouldn't change a thing, that's what he used to say. After shopping to learn about cannabinoids, I discovered the ratios of CBD and THC. How the effectiveness of both cannabinoids will increase when consumed together and everything related to the authorized proportions. In the meantime, I got in touch with a cancer-stricken person right here in DC who was a certified medical marijuana user. She taught me (through experiences) how most cancers were reduced. You will be free from most cancers in a couple of months along with your treatment along with medical marijuana. These items are really serving people, however I am puzzled that the factor that has always been described as disastrous can have so many advantages. This is how I understood the facts about CBD, medical marijuana, and hemp! Because I am relatively healthy, I started consuming low-strength CBD gummies and teas. Now I have more energy. My boyfriend is thankful when I have PMS!

I know, how could I presumably not know the difference, but seriously, I was too much against marijuana to really perceive it? So yes, cannabis sativa is home to cannabis and hemp. Identical to the siblings, they share their origin and really a lot like the siblings once again are totally different from each other. Hemp is structurally tall. Cannabis is strong. However, the essential distinction is that hemp has more CBD than THC and cannabis is vice versa. 2. How can one be non-psychotropic? A psychedelic one when they have the same origin? That bothered me even after I started listening to the radio shows. However, as I learn an increasing number of cannabinoids and each of them has its own impact on our minds, I understood that THC is what causes psychosis and that no other cannabinoid that is not even remotely related to THC it has nothing to do with it and that it included CBD.

I used to be so upset with this complete empowerment of drug addicts becoming a regulation, in fact I ventured on all social media platforms through comments. People are justifying marijuana by labeling different parts and looking for reasons to somehow smoke marijuana and become excessive, that's what I believed. Him: Have you learned what makes you high when you're smoking marijuana? I do not! I have just smoked once and in no way after that. Him: Do you know what a cannabinoid is? Me: Does it matter? Cannabinoid, cannabis, marijuana, it's the same! Him: Noooo! You don't understand anything (I heard Jon Snow in my thoughts)! First, analyze if you really want to win any discussion on the subject. Don't be a pseudo know-it-all! And you may even have something to say when you don't know anything about CBD! That is after I decided that I will educate myself before I answer you. And to take awaythat 'pseudo' of my mind, I got very involved in studying and listening to CBDNews.