Desperate search increases for Porsche driver who disappeared 18 years ago

Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis. It Could Help Restore Their PopulationsShortly after Melbourne man Nick Falos was last seen 18 years ago, his burnt red Porsche coupe was present in a state forest. His disappearance, and alleged murder, has been the primary target of an ongoing Victoria Police investigation that is understaffed, but to no avail. Now a $ 1 million reward is being provided for information to help remedy the cold case. Inspector listed as Detective Tony Combridge of the Missing Persons Squad said police imagine Mr. Falos was killed. It may have been 18 years since Nick disappeared, however I want to strongly reinforce to the neighborhood that this can be a very active investigation, '' he said in an announcement Wednesday. While Nick is not believed to be alive, we are still hopeful to find out what happened to him. Falos, 58, of Thornbury, was last seen on Friday, March 14, 2003, around 8:30 a.m. while driving his Porsche down Albion Street in Brunswick. He was reported missing on April 1 by a neighbor who became involved as a result of not being seen for several weeks. Police searched brushwood near Gladysdale in May of those 12 months, but found no trace of Mr. Falos. They have also examined the feasible hyperlinks between his disappearance and the stories of cannabis cultivation in the Yarra State Park and Yarra Junction areas. Fake, that he was of Greek descent, his name was also Nikolaos Falieros. In 2018, a 77-year-old Endeavor Hills man and an 84-year-old obsolete Devon Meadows man had been arrested in connection with their disappearance. Each had subsequently been released at no cost.

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