Children and cannabis: California dispensaries lack sufficient screening to keep minors away

Educated researchers who were close to the legal age to buy cannabis, often between 21 and 23, had been sent to dispensaries throughout California to verify these screening processes. The researchers evaluated regulations such as age restriction signage, identification checkpoints, and exposure to cannabis marketing supplies. Ninety-seven percent of the dispensaries complied with the identification checks, however, only 12% of the dispensaries verified the IDs abroad and almost 68% of the dispensaries did not comply with the age restriction signs. Most dispensaries required testing only after arriving at the location where cannabis advertising supplies and products were up-to-date. Yuyan Shi, an associate professor in the Herbert Wertheim College of Public Welfare and Human Longevity Sciences at the University of California, San Diego. Shi and Pacula found that 35% of the dispensaries had items that can attract teenagers and children within commercial areas. Most of the dispensaries also had promotions, first-time discounts, and weekly or daily deals, which can also appeal to teens and young adults. Virtually 22% had violated California's free pattern ban for takeout items and 16% violated the on-site consumer bans. In California, compliance checks for cannabis dispensaries will not be required. It is up to local authorities to carry them out normally, although many lack the resources to act, according to the authors.

That's in response to a new study in JAMA Pediatrics that assesses how these regulations designed to protect minors have been upheld five years after voters legalized cannabis. The study examined seven hundred licensed cannabis dispensaries in California and found that many retail locations have insufficient screening processes, allowing minors to enter and view devices that should be restricted to adults 21 and older. Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, member of the USC Schaeffer Center for Welfare Politics and Economics and the Elizabeth Garrett Chair in Welfare Policy, Economics and Law at USC's Price School of Public Coverage. In California, dispensaries are required to screen underage customers before they reach retail areas where cannabis products and marketing are displayed. To do this, they put up clearly visible age restriction signs and have an identification checkpoint. The checkpoint can be outside or inside, as long as it is before the area where the products are displayed.

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