What are the dangerous effects caused by the consumption of cannabis?

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Addiction towards anything is not a good thing. Everything is in this world has its limit, excess addiction to anything is wrong. Today we are discussing the topic of cannabis. Consumption of cannabis can provide you with some positive things, but the limitless use of marijuana can harm you very quickly and rapidly. Cannabis effects on mind and body of a human being.

Estimation on consumption of cannabis

It is not easy to consume marijuana for everyone. THC is the active ingredient of the drug, and it is about in the range of 15-70 g. It is very much consumption and very far beyond the daily use. Cannabis is consumed by the young generation more than any drug. People are getting addict towards marijuana most than others.

What cannabis consists?

Cannabis plant produces more than 100 elements which termed as cannabinoids. The element which affects the mental alertness is known as THC. THC first goes to the bloodstream by smoking and then it goes into the brain. THC has most immediate effects when it inhaled by the consumer.

What are the risk factors caused by the regular use?

In research, it is found that cannabis can cause psychotic disorders and it is increasing also. There are many risky problems which can be caused by cannabis. Some of them I will discuss with you on this topic. Here are some harmful effects which can be caused by cannabis are shown below.

  • Physical effects

The use of cannabis has many effects on the physical health of the human body. There are many types of physical impairments which can be caused are dry mouth, muscle relaxation, wet and cold hands and body, bloodshot eyes, blood pressure, body pain, etc.

  • Psychological effects

Cannabis harm our mind as well also, it affects our nervous system. Cannabis can harm the receptors in the brain with attentive and motor and reflected skills. It can cause many diseases like memory loss, anxiety, loss of working, loss of learning also, and so many more are even there.

  • Heart effects

Cannabis can increase your heart rate by 50 percent more which can prove harmful for the health. There may be a chest pain after inhaling cannabis, and because of the low blood pressure, it can cause heart attacks. Some persons are not so strong enough to tolerate cannabis then it can lead to death also for the first intake of cannabis.

  • Cause cancer

The marijuana smokers likely have three times more chance to have head, neck, and lung cancer. It contains 50 percent extra carcinogens than tobacco. In the taking of weed can cause lung cancer among the smokers.

Final words

Most of the people are addicted towards marijuana without knowing the harmful effects of it. It’s important to be aware of the detrimental effects of it, so I have taken a step to let you know about the dangerous effects of weed. Although, CBD oil has been used to cure many medical conditions. Nevertheless, cannabis is still harmful