Video: Dr. Mobley’s Testimony to House Judiciary Committee

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The video above is the audio transcript from Dr. Gil Mobley’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on January 18, 2012. During his testimony, Dr. Mobley provided the committee with data from patient blood samples showing higher than the 5ng/ml limit proposed by New Approach Washington and I-502. In the evidence provided by Dr. Mobley, each patient went through a series of tests including the Washington State Sobriety Test, as well as neuro-cognitive assessments and reflex reaction time tests. Each patient passed despite having THC levels higher than the 5ng/ml limit as proposed in I-502.

We urge everyone to get the facts regarding I-502 and its proposed per se DUI law based on unscientific and damaging opinions that will put us at risk, patients and recreational users alike. Please, watch the video and vote NO on I-502.