Steinborn: Why You Should Oppose Marijuana Initiative 502

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Jeffrey Steinborn, a Seattle attorney and co-sponsor of Patients Against I-502, wrote a guest column for The Stranger explaining the legal implications and fallacies that are apart of I-502.  Bayer lists indisputable facts regarding I-502 and what they mean for medicinal users and recreational users alike:

Initiative 502 is a law enforcement sting in plain sight. Read it before you support it. Although the mandatory DUI conviction at 5ng of active THC per milliliter of blood is troubling and possibly unconstitutional, the inevitable federal preemption of this initiative, along with its provisions requiring mandatory self-incrimination make it a dangerous illusion. Remarkably, this untenable initiative has already hijacked the support of much of the cannabis reform movement.

Steinborn states in his professional opinion that I-502 will not effectively legalize cannabis, but instead will make things worse for everyone, while taking away from real, and necessary, reform.