I-502 Betrays Medical Marijuana

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Dr. Richard Bayer, co-sponsor of Patients Against I-502, wrote a column for The Stranger detailing how I-502 will betray medical marijuana patients.

Bayer writes:

Doctors’ reports from Colorado and Washington State guarantee I-502 will wrongfully convict unimpaired drivers, particularly medical marijuana patients. Impairment from cannabis smoking resolves within four hours but doctor-examined patients show blood THC can remain several times the limits allowed by I-502. Reports of background THC levels from unimpaired patients show that THC can be higher than 15 nanograms.

Source: The Stranger

Dr. Bayer further explains how I-502 flunks basic science, ignoring how background THC is not pyschoactive and therefore will not cause impairment.

Click here to read the full article written by Dr. Bayer.  For more information regarding Patients Against I-502, please browse the site or feel free to contact us directly.