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About I-502

Patients Against I-502 are sending a LOUD & CLEAR message that it is WRONG to turn patients into criminals, while legalizing cannabis for recreational users. We want to legalize it too, but not at the expense of those who use cannabis to successfully treat terminal and debilitating diseases.

Initiative 502 creates a new law that makes it illegal to drive with 5 ng/ml of active THC in your bloodstream, even if you are not impaired. That level is NOT supported by science and would subject patients to highly-invasive blood testing, unnecessary confinement and a criminal conviction that will haunt them for life.

What’s worse is the ZERO tolerance clause for those under age 21. Drivers in this age bracket will be guilty of DUI if even the smallest amount of cannabis is found in their system. Anything over 0.00 in fact. In other words, a designated driver subjected to second-hand cannabis smoke would be held criminally liable for the activities of others.

We’ve come too far to let reefer madness inspire another ill-conceived law! It’s time for voters to once again show compassion for cannabis users! Vote NO on I-502!